NTS Computer MCQs for Online Test Preparation

NTS Computer MCQs Online Test Preparation

Below are important NTS Computer MCQs for Online Test Preparation. All these Computer MCQs cover basics and advanced concepts in computer science and IT. We have included Multiple Choice Questions from Computer Software, Hardware, Networking, Operating system, Application software, and System software. 

NTS Computer MCQs questions with answers.

NTS Solved Computer MCQs Questions with Answers

1: When more than one person uses a central computer at the same time which of the following device is required?

  • a) Terminal
  • b) Mouse 
  • c) Keyboard
  • d) Digitizer 

a) Terminal

2: __________is that part of the computer which is used for calculation and comparison.

  • a) RAM 
  • b) Disk Unit 
  • c) Control Unit 
  • d) ALU 

d) ALU

3: Which of the following are system software to facilitate editing of text and data?

  • a) MS Word
  • b) Editors
  • c) PowerPoint
  • d) MS Excel 

b) Editors

4: The first web browser is ___________.


  • a) Netscape
  • b) Google Chrome
  • c) Mozzila Firefox
  • d) Mosaic 

d) Mosaic

5: Any crime completed through the use of computer technologies is called_________.

  • a) Hacking
  • b) Cracking
  • c) Computer Crime
  • d) Computer Forensics 

c) Computer Crime

6: Touch screen is ________

  • a) Input Device 
  • b) Output Device 
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

c) Both a and b

7: Laptop computer are coming under the category of __________.

  • a) Mainframe Computers
  • b) Portable Computers 
  • c) Hybrid Computers
  • d) None of these 

b) Protable Computers

8: A____________is an application program that is used to gather user information and send it to someone through the internet. 

  • a) Virus
  • b) Spybot
  • c) Macro Virus
  • d) Worm 

b) Spybot

9: __________does not store data permanently.

  • a) Read Only Memory 
  • b) Random Access Memory 
  • c) Floppy Disk 
  • d) Hard Disk 

b) Random Access Memory

10: Which of the following are used to identify a user who returns to a website?

  • a) Plugins 
  • b) ASP’s 
  • c) Scripts 
  • d) Cookies 

d) Cookies

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