NTS General Knowledge MCQs for Online Test Preparation

In this section, you will find NTS General Knowledge MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers. All these General Knowledge MCQs include information about different countries especially the Muslim countries. Below are some important NTS MCQs with Answers. 

NTS General Knowledge MCQs

NTS General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions

1: There are _________Islamic Countries in Asia.

  • a) 20
  • b) 26
  • c) 23
  • d) 29 

b) 26

2: The first Nuclear Islamic Country was_____________.

  • a) Egypt
  • b) Turkey
  • c) Iran 
  • d) Pakistan 

d) Pakistan

3: ____________is the largest Islamic Country by population.

  • a) Indonesia 
  • b) Pakistan 
  • c) Turkey
  • d) Kazakistan 

a) Indonesia

4: OIC is the largest Organization of _____________.

  • a) Islamic Countries
  • b) Asain Countries
  • c) European Countries 
  • d) The Middle East 

a) Islamic Countries

5: The Largest Mosque is ___________.

  • a) Masjid-ul- Aqsa
  • b) Masjid Nabvi (S.A.W)
  • c) Masjid-ul-Haram 
  • d) Chamlija Mosque Turkey 

c) Masjid-ul-Haram

NTS GK Solved MCQs

6: _______is the largest Islamic Country by area.

  • a) Tajikistan 
  • b) Indonesia
  • c) Pakistan 
  • d) Kazakistan 

d) Kazakistan

7: The smallest Islamic Country by Population is:

  • a) Turkey
  • b) Maldives
  • c) United Arab Emirates
  • d) Iran 

b) Maldives

8: The total number of Islamic Countries in Africa is :

  • a) Thirty Two
  • b) Thirty Four
  • c) Twenty Three
  • d) Fifteen 

c) Twenty Three

9: River Nile is situated in which of the following country?

a) Turkey

b) Egypt

c) Africa 

d) Saudi Arabia 

b) Egypt

NTS General Knowledge Online Test Preparation

10: The Muslim Country Tunisia is situated in the continent of __________.

  • a) Asia
  • b) Africa
  • c) Australia 
  • d) America 

b) Africa

11:Which of the following country is situated in Europ?

  • a) Turkey 
  • b) Albania 
  • c) Bosnia 
  • d) All of these 

All of these

12: Which of the following Islamic Country has the largest Army?

  • a) Turkey
  • b) Indonesia
  • c) Pakistan 
  • d) Saudi Arabia 

c) Pakistan

13: Which US city has  largest Muslim population?

  • a) Dearborn
  • b) Washington
  • c) Newyork 
  • d) None of these 

a) Dearborn

14: The capital of Saudi Arabia is ____________.

  • a) Jaddah
  • b) Dammam
  • c) Madina
  • d) Riyadh 

d) Riyadh

15: When was Saudi Arabia proclaimed as a kingdom?

  • a) 19 May 1920 
  • b) 04 September 1942
  • c) 23 September 1932
  • d) 05 January 1931

c) 23 September 1932

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