NTS MCQs For SST Maths Physics Test |ETEA MCQs

If you are looking for NTS MCQs For SST Maths Physics Test Preparation. Here you will find the most important NTS MCQs for SST Maths-Physics Test. 

NTS MCQs For SST Maths Physics Test ETEA MCQs

All these Physics MCQs are helpful for the NTS test as well as ETEA Test Maths-Physics Test. These NTS Multiple Choice Questions with answers cover some basics and advanced concepts and topics of Physics.

If you are preparing for the SST Maths Physics test and want to find Physics MCQs, Physics Fill in the blanks, Physics Numerical Problem MCQs of Class 9th, Physics MCQs class 10th, Physics MCQs Class 11th (First Year), and Physics MCQs Class 12th ( Second Year) for NTS/ ETEA Test Preparation you will find all these Physics MCQs Solved with Answer.  

Solved MCQs for SST Test NTS and ETEA Test

1: When a bob is hanging with the help of a rope the weight of the body is balanced by_________.

  • a) Acceleration 
  • b) Inertia 
  • c) Tension 
  • d) Torque 

c) Tension

2: 1N =___________ 

  • a) Kgm/s²
  • b) Kgm/s
  • c) Kgm²/s
  • d) Kg²m/s

a) Kgm/s²

3: Rolling fraction is __________ the sliding fraction.

  • a) Less 
  • b) Greater 
  • c) Equal 
  • d) Double 

a) Less

4: Fraction in the human joint is much reduced due to the presence of:

  • a) Muscles 
  • b) Bones 
  • c) Gas 
  • d) Fluid 

d) Fluid

5: The mathematical form of Torque is:

  • a) τ=rFsinθ
  • b) τ=rFcosθ
  • c) τ=rFtangθ
  • d) τ=rxF

a) τ=rFsinθ

ETEA MCQs for SST Maths Physics Test

6: The mass of the earth is approximately_________. 
  • a) 6.9×1024 Kg
  • b) 6.0×10-24 Kg
  • c) 6.0×1024Kg
  • d) None of these

c) 6.0×1024Kg

7: The GPS satellite speed is_________.

  • a) 5.0 Km/s 
  • b) 3.07 Km/s
  • c) 6.5 Km/s
  • d) 7.9 Km/s 

b) 3.07 Km/s

8: Work done will be maximum when the angle between Force and Displacement is:

  • a) 0°
  • b) 90°
  • c) 180°
  • d) 45°

a) 0°

9: 1 hp =___________

  • a) 446 w
  • b) 550 W
  • c) 476 W
  • d) 746 W 

d) 746 W

10: Force per unit area is called________.

  • a) Density 
  • b) Pressure 
  • c) Work 
  • d) All of these 

b) Pressure

NTS Physics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

11: SI Unit of Pressure is:
  • a) m3
  • b) Kgm2
  • c) Nm-2
  • d) ms-2

c) Nm-2

12: If the mass is doubled what will be the kinetic energy of a body?

  • a) Half 
  • b) Doubled 
  • c) Four Times 
  • d) Eight Time 

a) Half

13: Stress =____________

  • a) Force / Area 
  • b) Force / Volume 
  • c) Work / Time 
  • d) None of these 

a) Force / Area

13: Pressure at depth in liquids:

  • a) Increase 
  • b) Decrease 
  • c) Same 
  • d) None of these 

a) Increase

14: A container having a volume of 3 m3 is full with a liquid density of 20 kgm3. The mass of the liquid is___________. 

  • a) 24 kg
  • b) 15 kg
  • c) 10 kg
  • d) 60 kg

d) 60 kg

15: In the weather map which of the following unit is used for pressure?

  • a) Alm 
  • b) Pa
  • c) Bar 
  • d) Hydro

c) Bar

16: Submarine works on the principle of:

  • a) Newton Laws of motion 
  • b) Archimedes Principle 
  • c) Pascal Law
  • d) None of these 

b) Archimedes Principle

17: To measure the atmospheric pressure, which of the following instrument can be used?

  • a) Thermometer 
  • b) Spectrometer 
  • c) Calorimeter 
  • d) Barometer 

d) Barometer

18: The SI Unit of Heat is:
  • a) kg
  • b) K-1
  • c) j
  • d) K

c) j

19:  37°C is Kelvin scale is:

  • a) 310°C
  • b) 63°C
  • c) 273 K
  • d) 310 K 

d) 310 K

20: Celsius equalent of 0K is:

  • a) 100°C
  • b) 0°C
  • c) -273°C
  • d) -459.4°C


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