Pedagogy MCQs For ETEA SST General Test Questions

Latest Pedagogy MCQs For ETEA SST General Test Questions are given below for Online Test Preparation. All these Padagogy Multiple Choice Questions are important for ETEA SST General Test, SST Maths Physics Test, and SST Bio-Chemistry Test. 

Pedagogy MCQs For ETEA SST General Test Questions

1: Which one is a bad classroom management strategy for educators?

  • a) Encourage initiative
  • b) Give tangible rewards
  • c) Interview students
  • d) Corporal Punishment

d) Corporal Punishment

2: The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan was established in______

  • a) 1973
  • b) 1999
  • c) 2002
  • d) 2006

c) 2002

3: The systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information on which we can make decisions is called________.

  • a) Measurement
  • b) Evaluation
  • c) Test
  • d) Survey

b) Evaluation

4: __________take in information through listening and speaking

  • a) Auditory learners
  • b) Visual Learners
  • c) Verbal Learners
  • d) Tactile learners

a) Auditory learners

5: The ________focuses on how a child acquire new skills as they develop.

  • a) Developmental Perspective
  • b) Behavioral Perspective
  • c) Cognitive Perspective
  • d) Experiential Perspective

a) Developmental Perspective

6: The type of test used to the differential achievement of students is:

  • a) Mastery Test
  • b) Diagnostic Test
  • c) Oral Test
  • d) Survey Test

d) Survey Test

7: _______ is best known for the theory of cognitive development.

  • a) John Locke
  • b) Jean Piaget
  • c) B.F. Skinner
  • d) None of them

b) Jean Piaget

8: The type of test in which the answer is already contained in the paper and the examine has to select the correct answer is called_______.

  • a) Objective Type Test
  • b) Essay Type Test
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of them

Pedegogy MCQs for ETEA SST Test Preparation

a) Objective Type Test

9: The style of classroom management which has a low level of involvement is known as______.

  • a) Authoritarian
  • b) Authoritative
  • c) Permissive
  • d) Indulgent

c) Permissive

10: The term “ Examination” is derived from the term __________.

  • a) Examan
  • b) Examen
  • c) Exom
  • d) Exemen

b) Examen

11: A curriculum and instruction specialist work in________.

  • a) Primary Schools
  • b) Secondary Schools
  • c) Collages
  • d) All of above

d) All of above

12: One of the demerits of silent reading is:

  • a) It facilitates oral work
  • b) Proceed from known to unknown
  • c) May encourage the habit of reading one word at a time
  • d) Proceed from simple to complex

c) May encourage the habit of reading one word at a time

13: To construct a time-table we should consider:

  • a) Type of School
  • b) Staff, Building, and Equipment
  • c) Duration of Period
  • d) All of these 

d) All of these

14: The type of questions used to promote discussion or student interaction are said to be _______ questions.

  • a) Open
  • b) Managerial
  • c) Rhetorical
  • d) Closed 

a) Open

15: The process of having students engage in some activity that forces them to reflect upon the idea is known as:

  • a) Passive Learning
  • b) Active Learning
  • c) Verbal Learning
  • d) Auditory Learning

b) Active Learning

Online Padagogy Multiple Choice Questions

16: If a student is capable of understanding general mathematical concepts but unable to carry out simple calculations, such learning disability is called________.

  • a) Dyscalculia
  • b) Auditory processing disorder
  • c) Dyslexia
  • d) Acalculia

d) Acalculia

17: A ____________ learn through experiencing or doing things.

  • a) Auditory learners
  • b) Kinesthetic learners
  • c) Visual learners
  • d) Reading/writing learners

b) Kinesthetic learners

18: Students with _____ disabilities have trouble converting their thoughts into writing, painting, or drawing.

  • a) Dysgraphia
  • b) Dyslexia
  • c) Dyscalculia
  • d) None of above

a) Dysgraphia

19: The Single  National Curriculum is being developed ( Phase I ) was implemented from Grade I Grade IV in ___________. 

  • a) March 2001
  • b) March 2006
  • c) March 2020
  • d) March 2021

c) March 2020

20: A Visual learner  is  also known as ___________ .

  • a) spatial learner
  • b) Aural  Learner
  • c) interpersonal learners
  • d) Solitary Learner

a) spatial learner


I hope all these Pedagogy MCQs For ETEA SST General Test Questions will be helpful for your ETEA Test Online Preparation. If you need more Solved MCQs for ETEA Test you can find them below.

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