Physics 9th Class Chapter 1 MCQs |Introduction to Physics MCQs

In this section of Physics 9th Class Chapter 1 MCQs, we have covered the most important Physics MCQs. We have broadly covered important topics and concepts related to Class 9th Physics. 

Physics 9th Class Chapter 1 MCQs |Introduction to Physics MCQs

All these Physics MCQs of Class 9th covered Introduction to Physics, Main Branches of Physics, System International, Measurement, Base Units, Derived Units, Physical Quantities, the Seven Base Units, etc. 

All these Multiple Choice Questions of helpful for Online Test Preparation of 9th Class Students, NTS Test Preparation, PMS, CSS, Federal Board , KPPSC Test, ETEA Test, Engineering Test, MDCAT test, Entry Test, KP Board, or any other Test Preparation. 

Physics Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs with Answers

1:The branch of Science which deal with Matter, Energy, and their mutual relationship is called___________.

  • a) Physical Chemistry 
  • b) Biology 
  • c) Physics
  • d) Chemistry 

c) Physics

2: The famous Muslim Scientist Yaqoob Kindi worked in the field of __________.

  • a) Medicine 
  • b) Geology 
  • c) Psychology 
  • d) Optics 

d) Optics

3: The branch of Physics which deal with the study of the motion of objects and how it relates to force is called__________.

  • a) Quantum Physics 
  • b) Cosmology 
  • c) Mechanic 
  • d) Electrostatics 

c) Machenic

4: All the measurable quantities are known as:

  • a) Base Quantities
  • b) Derived Quantities
  • c) Units 
  • d) Physical Quantities 

d) Physical Quantites

5: Electric current is a ___________ Physical quantity.

  • a) Derived 
  • b) Base 
  • c) Both a and b 
  • d) None of these 

b) Base

6: To measure the length of objects or the distance between two points we use__________.

  • a) Screw Gage 
  • b) Meter Ruler
  • c) Vernier Clapper 
  • d) None of above 

b) Meter Ruler

7: Speed and Velocity are _____________.

  • a) Derived quantities
  • b) Base quantities 
  • c) Both a & b 
  • d) None of these 

a) Derived quantities

8: The unit of Luminous Intensity is ________________.

  • a) Meter
  • b) Second
  • c) Ampere 
  • d) Candela 

d) Candela

9: Kilogram per cubic meter is the S.I unit of __________.

  • a) Density 
  • b) Energy 
  • c) Force 
  • d) Area 

a) Density

10: The instrument which is used for measurement of time interval is called___________.

  • a) Screw Gauge 
  • b) Vernier Calliper 
  • c) Stop Watch 
  • d) Meter Ruler 

c) Stop Watch

11: The International System of Units consist of _______________base units.

  • a) Six
  • b) Seven
  • d) Ten 
  • d) Fifteen 

b) Seven

12: A Physical Balance is mainly used for the measurement of ____________.

  • a) Speed of an object 
  • b) Volume of an object 
  • c) Weight of an object 
  • d) Pressure of an object 

c) Weight of an object

13: The S.I unit of Resistance is _____________.

  • a) Pascal 
  • b) Joule 
  • c) Farad 
  • d) Ohm 

d) Ohm

14: The unit of Volume Cubic Meter is symbolically represented as __________. 

  • a) m2
  • b)m3
  • c)ms
  • d)kg/m

b) m3

15: The structure and properties of an individual atom is studied in _____________.

  • a) Oscillation and Wave
  • b)Quantum Physics 
  • c) Relativity 
  • d) Atomic and Nuclear Physics 

d) Atomic and Nuclear Physics


In these Physics 9th Class Chapter 1 MCQs  I have covered Introduction to Physics MCQs for Physics Online Test Preparation. If you need more solved Physics MCQs you can find them below. 

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