Geometrical Optics MCQs for Class 10th Physics with Answers

In this section of Physics Class 10 MCQs, you will find Physics MCQs of Geometrical Optics. All these MCQs are important for Students to prepare for Entry Test, MDCAT Test, CAT Test college, or University Entrance Test. These Class 10 Physics MCQs are also helpful for those who want to prepare for all tests like GAT Test, NTS Test, Teaching Job Tests like the SST-Maths Physics Test, Physic Subject Specialist Test, Lecturer Test or any other Competitive Exam like KPPSC Test, FPSC Test. 

Geometrical Optics MCQs

Geometrical Optics MCQs Class 10th Physics

1: Which of the following is Luminous?

  • a) Teaching Board 
  • b) Moon 
  • c)Stars
  • d) Lamp

d) Lamp

2: The aproaching ray of light is also called__________.

  • a) Reflected Ray
  • b) Incident Ray
  • c) Imaginary Ray
  • d) Mirror

b) Incident Ray

3: The _________is the ratio of the image size to the object size. 

  • a) Attitude 
  • b) Position 
  • c) Magnification 
  • d) Curvature 

c) Magnification

4: Change of direction of light as it moves from one medium to another is called__________.

  • a) Reflection 
  • b) Refraction 
  • c) Difraction 
  • c) None of these 

b) Refraction

5: A Lunar eclipse occurs when ________blocks sunlight toward the moon.

  • a) Sun
  • b) Moon
  • c) Earth
  • d) Stars

v) Earth

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6: _______transmit a beam of light by means of total internal reflection.

  • a) Optical Fiber
  • b) Mirror
  • c) Lense
  • d) Prism 

7: A lense that is thinner in center than edges is called ________lense. 

  • a) Concave
  • b) Convex
  • c) Common
  • d) None of these 

a) Concave

8: The world’s largest telescope is located in ____.

  • a) Wisconsin 
  • b) London 
  • c) Singapore
  • d) China 

9: The human eye form image of an object at its _________.

  • a) Iris 
  • b) Retina
  • c) Pupil
  • d) Cornea


10: Short-sightness is also knwon as _____.

a) Myopia 

b) hyperopia

c) Blindness 

d) None of these 

a) Myopia

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