Physics Class 9th Chapter 2 MCQs | Kinematics MCQs

In this section Physics Class 9th Chapter 2 MCQs with Answers you will find the most important Physics MCQs. All these MCQs cover basic to advance concepts for class 9th students.

Physics Class 9th Chapter 2 MCQs Kinematics MCQs

  The main topics these MCQs of physics class 9 chapter 2 cover are Kinematics, Rest and Motions MCQs, Displacement, Velocity, Types of velocities, Acceleration, Types of motions, Speed and Equation of motion.

For Online Test Preparation like NTS, CSS, PMS, ETEA, ATS, KPPSC, FPSC, BPSC, SPSC, Entry Test, Collage, or admission test these Physics MCQs are helpful. 

Let’s start our Chapter 2…..

Class 9th Kinematics MCQs

1: If a body does not change its position with respect to an observer we can say that the body is:

  • a) at rest
  • b) accelerated
  • c) displaced 
  • d) at motion 

a) at rest

2: Location of an object relative to some reference is known as__________

  • a) Position 
  • b) Displacement 
  • c) Velocity 
  • d) Speed 

a) Position

3: Motion of falling bodies is___________ 

  • a) Rotatory Motion 
  • b) Random Motion 
  • c) Translatory Motion 
  • d) Vibratory Motion 

c) Translatory Motion

4: Weight, velocity and friction are __________ quantities.

  • a) Scalars
  • b) Vectors
  • c) Both a and b
  • d) None of these 

b) Vectors

5: For scalar quantities, we do not need to know about the_________of an object.

  • a) Weight 
  • b) Mass
  • c) Direction 
  • d) None of these 

c) Direction

6: A graph is a a__________________ representation of information showing quantity varies with another related quantity.

  • a) Symbolic 
  • b) Visual 
  • c) Audio
  • d) Video 

b) Visual

7: The shortest directed distance between two position is called____________

  • a) Velocity
  • b) Acceleration 
  • c) Distance
  • d) Displacement 

d) Displacement

8: Which of the following is the S.I Unit of speed? 

  • a) ms-1
  • b) ms-2
  • c) m2s
  • d) m2s2

a) ms-1

Class 9th Physics MCQs

Class 9th Physics chapter 2 mcqs
  • a) Acceleration 
  • b) Velocity 
  • c) Displacement
  • d) Distance 

b) Velocity

10: The average acceleration is the total velocity divided by the total:

  • a) Speed
  • b) Mass
  • c) Acceleration 
  • d) Time 

d) Time

motion mcqs class 9
  • a) First 
  • b) 2nd 
  • c) 3rd 
  • d) None of these 

b) 2nd

12: The time rate of chnge of velocity is called______________

  • a) Acceleration 
  • b) Speed
  • c) Displacement
  • d) Distance 

a) Acceleration

13: The value of g =____________

  • a) 9.8 m/s
  • b) 8.9 m/s2
  • c) 9.8 m/s2
  • d) 9.8 m2/s

c) 9.8 m/s2

14: Which of the following is a vector quantity?

  • a) Temprature
  • b) Mass
  • c) Distance
  • d) Velocity 

d) Velocity

15: The wings of Turing fan is a good example of ____________

  • a) Random Motion 
  • b) Translatory Motion 
  • c) Rotatory Motion 
  • d) Periodic Motion 

c) Rotatory Motion


Above are some important Physics Class 9th Chapter 2 MCQs in which I have covered Kinematics MCQs for your Physics Online Test Preparation. If you need more Solved Physics MCQs you can find them below. 

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