Physics MCQs Class 10th Chapter 5 Electromagnetism MCQs

Below are the most important Physics MCQs Class 10th from Chapter 5 Electromagnetism. All these Physics MCQs are very important for Student Online Test Preparation. In this chapter students can learn about Electromagnetism. 

Physics MCQs Class 10th

These Electromagnetism MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of competitive exams like MDCAT Test, ETEA Test, Engineering Test, Teaching Job Test Like SST, Physics Subject Specialist , Physics Lecturer test held by KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, and FPSC. 

Physics MCQs Class 10th Electromagnetism (Question with Answers)

1: The region around a magnet where magnetic effect can be observed is called__________.

  • a) Magnetic Field
  • b) Electric Field
  • c) Electromagnetism 
  • d) Electromagnetic Induction 

a) Magnetic Field

2: Which of the following device is used to increase or decrease an AC voltage?

  • a) Ammeter
  • b) Voltmeter
  • c) Trasfermer 
  • d) Generator 

c) Transfermer

3: Which of the following is the SI unit for magnetic field strength? 

  • a) Joule 
  • b) Newton 
  • c) Tesla
  • d) Ohm

c) Tesla

4: The force will be maximum when the angle between current and magnetic field is θ=__________.

  • a) 45
  • b) 60
  • c) 90
  • d) 180

c) 90

5: Which of the following is a common application of magnetic force on a current-caring wire?

  • a) Washing Machine 
  • b) Loudspeaker 
  • c) DC Motor
  • d) None of these 

b) Loudspeaker

Class 10th Physics MCQs for Online Preparation

6: The current in a circuit due to a changing magnetic field is called ______.

  • a) Electricity 
  • b) Electic Current 
  • c) Electromegnitism
  • d) Induced Current 

d) Induced Current

7: _________is a device which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

  • a) AC Generator
  • b) DC Motor
  • c) AC Motor
  • d) Transformer 
a)AC Generator

8: To reduce the loss, power companies use _________that step up the current.

  • a) Electic Polls
  • b) Generator
  • c) Turbines 
  • d) Transformers 


9: The electrical energy lost in a device due to potential difference across it can be represented as equation H=I2Rt/J is called _______law.

  • a) Colomb’s
  • b) Joule’s
  • c) Ohm’s
  • d) None of these

b) Joule’s

10: The equation P=V2/R is valid for calculation of _________.

  • a) Electric Current
  • b) Charge
  • c) Resistance
  • d) Electric Power

d) Electric Power

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