Class 10th Physics MCQs | Simple Harmonic Motion MCQs

The following are Class 10th Physics MCQs. We have collected these MCQs for online Test Preparation and Competitive Exam like CSS, PMS, college and University Entrance Tests, MDCAT tests, NTS Tests, GAT, GRE, Entry Tests, etc. You can easily prepare yourself for any Test or Quiz. These Physics MCQs are also important for Teaching Jobs like SST, Subject Specialist, Lecturer, or Teaching Assistant. We have organized the 10th class physics chapter-wise so you can find all the MCQs by clicking on the link of each chapter. 

Class 10th Physics MCQs

Simple Harmonic Motion MCQs

1: The maximum displacement of body from its mean position is a cycle is called_____________.

  • a) Amplitude
  • b) Displacement 
  • c) Frequency 
  • d) Vibration 

a) Amplitude

2: The number of cycles the particle complete per unit time is called __________.

  • a) Cycle
  • b) Frequency
  • c) Time Period
  • d) Displacement 

b) Frequency

3: An Equilibrium point is a point at which the net force on a body is _________.

  • a) Zero
  • b) Minimum
  • c) Maximum 
  • d) Equal 

a) Zero

4: Any effect that tends to reduce the amplitude of vibration is called_________.

  • a) Simple Harmonic Motion 
  • b) Damping
  • c) Wave 
  • d) Frequency

b) Damping

5: Which of the following is an example of Mechanical Wave_______.

  • a) Sound Wave 
  • b) Microwave
  • c) Radio Wave
  • d) X-Ray

a) Sound Wave

Class 10th Physics Online MCQs

6: AM and FM waves are _________waves.

  • a) Mechanical 
  • b) Transverse 
  • c) Electromagnetic
  • d) Longitudinal

b) Transverse

7: Which of the following is electromagnetic waves?

  • a) Seismic Wave
  • b) Sound Waves
  • c) X-Ray 
  • d) None of these 

c) X-Ray

8: Time period is the reciprocal of _____________.

  • a) Cycle 
  • b) Speed
  • c) Frequency 
  • d) Amplitude

c) Frequency

9: When waves travel from one medium into another their speed changes, such phenomenon is called________.

  • a) Diffraction 
  • b) Refraction 
  • c) Reflection 
  • d) Wavelenght 

b) Refraction

10: In transverse waves the particle of motion of waves are ________.

  • a) Parallel 
  • b) Opposite
  • c) Perpendicular 
  • d) None of these 


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