Sound MCQs of Class 10th Physics for Online Test Preparation

Below are Physics MCQs for Class 10th. These MCQs are taken from Physics Chapter Sound. All these MCSs are important for Class 10th Students and also for the preparation of competitive exams like ETEA, Entry Test, MDCAT Test, CAT Test, SST -Mathes Physics Test, NTS Test, FPSC Test, and Collage or University Entrance Test. For each Multiple Choice Question “Show Answer” button is given. Click if you don’t know the answer to the given question. 

Sound MCQs of Class 10th Physics

Physics MCQs for Class 10th Chapter 2: Sound

1: At 20Co the speed of sound in air is about ___________.

  • a) 240 m/s
  • b) 343 m/s 
  • c) 370 m/s
  • d) 380 m/s 

a)240 m/s

2: __________is a common device for producing pure musical notes.

  • a) Simple Pendulum 
  • b) Tuning Fork 
  • c) Bell Jar 
  • d) Pump 

b) Tunning Fork

3: The loudness depends upon the ________of the sound wave.

  • a) Distance
  • b) Amplitude 
  • c) Frequency 
  • d) None of these 

b) Amplitude

4: The study of waves, vibration, and sound is called_______.

  • a) Music
  • b) Acoustics 
  • c) Phonetics
  • d) Loudness 

b) Acoustics

5: The power per unit area carried by a wave is known as _______.

  • a) Noise 
  • b) Intensity 
  • c) Echo 
  • d) Loudness 

b) Intensity

Class 10th Physics Online Test Preparation

6: Sound due to multiple reflections is called_________.

  • a) Echo 
  • b) Reflection 
  • c) Reverberation 
  • d) Noise

c) Reverberation

7: Sound waves are __________waves.

  • a) Transverse
  • b) Seismic 
  • c) Electromagnetic
  • d) Mechanical 

d) Mechanical

8: The bouncing back of sound when it strikes with a surface is called________.

  • a) Reflection 
  • b) Loudness
  • c) Refraction 
  • d) None of these 

a) Reflection

9: We can hear  frequencies in a range from ______to ______.

  • a) 10 Hz, 5000 Hz
  • b) 50 Hz , 10000 Hz
  • c) 10 Hz , 15000 Hz
  • d) 20Hz, 20000 Hz

d) 20 Hz, 20000 Hz

10: The sound is pleasant and harmonious is called_______.

  • a) Noise 
  • b)Altra Sound
  • c) Loudness 
  • d) Musical Sound 

d) Musical Sound

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