Physics MCQs For Class 10 Sindh Board Online Test

In this section, you will find the most important Physics MCQs for Class 10 Sindh Board Online Test Preparation. All these solved MCQs will helpful for your Board Exam preparation. 

Students of Class 10 can practice these Physics MCQs for their Board Examination, Class assignment and Test Preparation.

Physics MCQs For Class 10 Sindh Board Online Test

These physics questions are essential for objective parts, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions etc. For each question, there are four options a,b,c and d. Select the correct answer. If you don’t know the answer, click the “Show Answer” button.

Sindh Board Class 10th Physics MCQs

1: Physical balance is used to measure:

  • a) Lenght of an object 
  • b) Volume of a body
  • c) Weight of a body
  • d) Mass of a body

d) Mass of a body

2: Friction of liquids is _________ than friction of solids. 

  • a) quartered 
  • b) greater 
  • c) less 
  • d) equal

c) less

3: Gravitational force on the surface of the earth is equal to:

  • a) W
  • b) G
  • c) g
  • d) None of these

a) W

4: The mode of transfer of heat which does not require any material is known as:

  • a) Convection 
  • b) Radiation 
  • c) Conduction 
  • d) None of above

b) Radiation

5: Which of the following physical quantity is represented by the area under a speed-time graph?

  • a) Speed
  • b) Acceleration 
  • c) Distance 
  • d) Volume

d) Volume

Sindh Board Physics MCQs with Answers

6: A girl riding his bicycle on a straight flat road covers one block every 7 sec. If each block is 100m long, She is travelling at:

  • a) Constant Speed 
  • b) Constant Velocity 
  • c) 100 m/s 
  • d) Both a and b

d) Both a and b

7: A truck is going backwards at 5 m/s. After 10 seconds of uniform acceleration, the truck is going forward at 10 m/s. The acceleration is:

  • a) 1.5 ms-2
  • b) 0.10 ms-2
  • c) 25 ms-2
  • d) 75 ms-2

a) 1.5 ms-2

8: Which of the following instrument will measure the diameter of a pipe accurately?

  • a) Measuring Tape
  • b) Meter Ruler 
  • c) Verneir Caliper 
  • d) Screw Gauge

c) Verneir Caliper

9: If the speed of a Raksha decreases by half, the kinetic energy (K.E) changes by  factor:

  • a) 2
  • b) 1/4
  • c) 1/8
  • d) 1/12

b) 1/4

10: The shortest distance between two couple forces is called__________.

  • a) Double Moment
  • b) Radius 
  • c) Couple Arm 
  • d) Moment Arm

c) Couple Arm

Sindh Board Exam Online Preparation

11: What is the mass on planet Mercury of an object that weighs 784 on the earth’s surface?

  • a) 180 kg 
  • b) 80 kg
  • c) 40 kg
  • d) 784 kg

b) 80 kg

12: Liquids and gases are collectively categorised as:

  • a) Liquids 
  • b) Gases 
  • c) Fluids 
  • d) Pascals

c) Fluids

13: How much heat is required to melt 1kg of Zink at its boiling temperature of 240 C° with Latent heat of 113×103J/kg?
  • a) 113000 J
  • b) 1.1300 J
  • c) 2.8000 J
  • d) 7.2000 J

a) 113000 J

14: Young modulus is measured in Units of:
  • a) kgm-3
  • b) Pa
  • c) N
  • d) Nm²

b) Pa

15: Which of the following has the highest thermal conductivity?

  • a) Air 
  • b) Wool
  • c) Wood
  • d) Water

d) Water

Class 10 Physics Multiple-Choice Questions

16: Pitch of Screw Guage is:

  • a) 0.05 mm
  • b) 1.5 mm
  • c) 0.5 mm
  • d) 5 mm

c) 0.5 mm

17: The study of isolated nuclei of an atom is called_________.

  • a) Plasma Physics 
  • b) Astro Physics 
  • c) Bio Physics 
  • d) Nuclear Physics

d) Nuclear Physics

18: There are _________ conditions of equilibrium.

  • a) Two 
  • b) Three 
  • c) Four 
  • d) Six

a) Two

19: Who presented the laws of motion?

  • a) Archimedes
  • b) Galileo 
  • c) Newton 
  • d) Einstein

c) Newton

20: Unit of weight is:

  • a) Kilogram
  • b) Meter Per Second
  • c) Newton Meter 
  • d) Newton

d) Newton

Class 10th Physics MCQs for Online Practice

21: The temperature at which a body is not radiating any heat is:

  • a) 0C°
  • b) 0F°
  • c) 0K
  • d) All of above

c) 0K°

22: Walking on the road is an example of:

  • a) Newton’s First Law 
  • b) Newton’s Second Law
  • c) Newton’s Third Law
  • d) None of above

c) Newton’s Third Law

23: Speed is a ___________ quantity.

  • a) Vector 
  • b) Scalar 
  • c) Both 
  • d) None

b) Scalar

24: The international system of units is abbreviated as:

  • a) IS
  • b) SI
  • c) Both 
  • d) None

b) SI

25: The unit of gravitational field strength is:

  • a) Nm
  • b) N/kg
  • c) J
  • d) N

b) N/kg


I hope you have practised these Physics MCQs for Class 10 Sindh Board Online Test if you need more solved Physics MCQs for Online Test Preparation. You can find them below. 

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