Pronoun MCQs with Answers: Pronoun Quiz

Below are the most important Pronoun MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation. All these MCQs on Pronouns are helpful for English tests, Competitive Exam Tests, and English quizzes. 

Pronoun MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation

As we know Pronoun is one of the most important types of Parts of Speech. Almost each and every English Test include a part of Pronoun MCQs. 

So, in this section of Parts of Speech MCQs, you will find the solved English MCQs of Pronoun with answers. All these Pronoun Multiple Choice Questions are helpful for your Pronoun Test preparation. 

Pronoun MCQs with Answers

1: The pronouns ( I and We) which denote a person of speaking is said to be personnel pronouns of the ________.

  • a) First Person 
  • b) Second Person 
  • c) Third Person 
  • d) None of these 

a) First Person

2: The plural form of personal pronoun (my) is: 

  • a) we 
  • b) me 
  • c) our 
  • d) us 

c) our

3: This, That, Those, These etc are called____________.

  • a) Personal Pronouns 
  • b) Demonstrative Pronouns 
  • c) Interrogative Pronouns 
  • d) Distributive Pronouns 

b) Demaonstrative Prnouns

4: This book is mine. The underlined word is ________ pronoun.

  • a) Nominative 
  • b) Possessive 
  • c) Accusative 
  • d) Both A and C 

b) Possessive

5: The pronoun of third-person has ________ genders.

  • a) Two 
  • b) Three 
  • c) Four 
  • d) Five 

b) Three

6: _________ is easy to find fault in computer.

  • a) That 
  • b) This 
  • c) It 
  • d) These 

c) It

7: Ali is a kind boy. _________ has lent his motorcycle to Ahmad.

  • a) It 
  • b) He 
  • c) She 
  • d) They 

b) He

8: The fleet will reach ______ destination in a month.

  • a) it 
  • b) its 
  • c) their 
  • d) his 

b) its

9: Zahid or Hadi must lend _________ hand.

  • a) their 
  • b) theirs 
  • c) it 
  • d) his 

d) his

10: My friend asked my brother and _______ to dinner.

  • a) mine 
  • b) my 
  • c) me 
  • d) our 

c) me

Pronoun Multiple Choice Questions

11: Either of these roads leads to the airport.

In the above sentence, the word ‘Either’ is:

  • a) Distributive Pronoun 
  • b) Indefinite Pronoun 
  • c) Relative Pronoun 
  • d) Compound Relative Pronoun 

a) Distributive Pronoun

12: I met Afzal _________ had just returned from Tajikistan.

  • a) he 
  • b) whose 
  • c) who 
  • d) whome

c) who

13: I’m going to buy vegetables myself and get back home. The emphatic pronoun in this sentence is:

  • a) I 
  • b) myself 
  • c) him 
  • d) it 

b) myself

14: This is better than that. The demonstrative pronoun in this sentence is:

  • a) this 
  • b) than 
  • c) that 
  • d) None of these 

a) this

15: Whoever, Whose and whosever etc. are called___________ pronouns.

  • a) Integrative 
  • b) Compound Relative 
  • c) Relative 
  • d) Distributive 

b) Compund Relative

16: Who is there. The word ‘who’ in this sentence is ________ pronoun.

  • a) Interrogative
  • b) Relative 
  • c) Distriutive 
  • d) None of these 

a) Interrogative

17: The pronoun is used for things without life is:

  • a) it 
  • b) he 
  • c) she 
  • d) you 

a) it

18: You will hurt _________ .

  • a) you
  • b) yourself 
  • c) itself 
  • d) myself

b) yourself

19: My uncle, __________ is a doctor, is forty year old. 

  • a) whom
  • b) whose 
  • c) who 
  • d) which 

c) who

20: ___________ he does, he does well.

  • a) Whoever 
  • b) Whichever
  • c) Whatever 
  • d) Soever

c) Whatever

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