Radioactivity MCQs Physics Class 10th Questions with Answers

Below are Radioactivity MCQs of class 10th Physics  Questions with Answers. All these Physics MCQs are very important for all students. Students can learn about Radioactivity in this chapter.

Radioactivity MCQs

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Radioactivity MCQs Physics MCQs Class 10th

1: The nucleus is about ________time smaller than atom.

  • a) 10,00
  • b) 100
  • c) 10,000
  • d) 10,0000


2: A Nuclei are composed of two types of particles which are :

  • a) Electrons and Protons
  • b) Electrons and Nutrons
  • c) Protons and Electrons
  • d) Protons and Nutrons 

d) Protons and Nutrons

3: Gamma Rays emission occurs when the Nucleus of a Radioactive atom has:

  • a) Too much energy
  • b) Less energy
  • c) Different energy 
  • d) Equal Energy 

a) Too much energy

4: When the ratio of Neutron to Protons in the Nucleus is ________, certain atoms restore the balance by emitting alpha particles. 

  • a) Too high
  • b) Too low
  • c) Balanced 
  • d) Different

b) Too low

5: The process through which an unstable Nuceous transforms into a more stable Nuclide is called_________.

  • a) Nuclear Fusion
  • b) Nuclear Transmution
  • c) Radioactivity
  • d) None of these

c) Radioactivity

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6: A type of atom whose Nuceous has a specific number of Protons and Neutrons is called______.

  • a) Nucleons
  • b) Nuclide
  • c) Radioactive
  • d) None of these 

b) Nuclide

  • 7: The reaction in which a Nucleus splits is called________.
  • a) Nuclear Fission 
  • b) Nuclear Radiation 
  • c) Nuclear Fusion 
  • d) None of these 

a) Nuclear Fission

8: Which of the following techniques are used to limit radiations exposure?

  • a) Radioactive 
  • b) Sheilding 
  • c) Nuclear Fission 
  • d) None of these 

b) Sheilding

9: The earth and all living things on it are constantly bombarded by radiations from which is called________.

  • a) Internal Radiations
  • b) Terrestail Radiations
  • c) Cosmic Radaitions
  • d) External Radiations

c) Cosmic Radiations

10: When two light Neclei combine to form a heavy Nuceous, This process is called ______.

  • a) Nuclear Fission
  • b) Radiations 
  • c) Nuclear Fusion 
  • d) None of these  

c) Nuclear Fusion

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