Science General Knowledge MCQs for NTS, CTS, ETEA, PTS, ATS Test

Below are new and updated Science General Knowledge MCQs for different jobs tests preparation like ETEA, ATS, CTS, PTS, PPSC, KPPSC and FPSC Test Online Preparation. All these solved MCQs of Science have will cover most parts of your Science Test. 

Science General Knowledge MCQs

In this post, you will find Biology General Knowledge MCQs, General Knowledge Questions In Chemistry and Everyday Science GK MCQs. All these Science General Knowledge MCQs are helpful for different jobs tests like Police Constable Test, Junior Clerk, Office Assistant, Computer Operator, Teaching Cadre, Auditor, WAPDA Test, Stenotypist, Data Entry Operator and also for college or university tests. 

Science GK MCQs with Answers

1: Which of the following is the smallest particle of matter.

  • a) Atom 
  • b) Molecule
  • c) Element 
  • d) Compound

a) Atom

2: In our environment green plants are regarded as_________.

  • a) Consumers 
  • b) Producers
  • c) Decomposers 
  • d) None of above 

b) Producers

3: Plants prepare their own food by the process of:

  • a) Respiration 
  • b) Digestion 
  • c) Photosynthesis
  • d) Reproduction 

c) Photosyntesis

4: Each animal cell has ________ centrioles.

  • a) Two 
  • b) Three 
  • c) Four 
  • d) Six 

a) Two

5: Chloroplast contains green pigment called:

  • a) Stomata 
  • b) Xylem 
  • c) Phloem
  • d) Chlorophyll  

d) Chlorophyll

6: All animals and plants you see around are called __________ organisms.

  • a) Unicellular 
  • b) Multicellular 
  • c) Decomposers 
  • d) Microorganisms 

b) Multicellulars

7: Which one of the following is a unicellular organism?

  • a) Human 
  • b) Chicken 
  • c) Horse 
  • d) Amoeba 

d) Amoeba

8: The cells which perform the same function group together to make a/an:

  • a) Organ 
  • b) Tissue 
  • c) System 
  • d) None of these 

b) Tissue

9: Vibration of ear drum is due to ____________.

  • a) Light 
  • b) EM Waves 
  • c) Sound Waves 
  • d) Radio Waves 

c) Sound Waves

10: The shoot system of a plant lies:

  • a) Under the ground
  • b) Above the ground
  • c) In the roots 
  • d) None of these 

b) Above the ground

Most Important and Repeated Science MCQs

11: ___________ is composed of nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. 

  • a) Digestive System 
  • b) Nerves System 
  • c) Circulatory System
  • d) Respiratory System

d) Respiratory System

12: Circulatory system circulates __________ in our body.

  • a) Food
  • b) Energy 
  • c) Blood 
  • d) Waste materials

c) Blood

13: The organism which are made up a single cell are called:

  • a) Unicellular 
  • b) Multicellular 
  • c) Decomposers 
  • d) None of these 

a) Unicellular

14: Hearing is helped by:

  • a) Optic Nerves 
  • b) Auditory Nerves 
  • c) Sensory Nerves 
  • d) Motor Nerves 

b) Auditory Nerves

15: Plants prepare their own food through a process called:

  • a) Respiration 
  • b) Excretion 
  • c) Photosynthesis 
  • d) Reproduction 

c) Photosynthesis

16: There are _________ total elements.

  • a) 26
  • b) 96 
  • c) 118
  • d) 130 

c) 118

17: Number of natural elements are:

  • a) 90 
  • b) 92 
  • c) 98
  • d) 102 

b) 92

18: The symbol of Hydrogen is:
  • a) H
  • b) Hg
  • c) He
  • d) H2

a) H

19: H2O is the chemical formula of:
  • a) Ozone
  • b) Benzene
  • c) Sulfur Dioxide
  • d) Water

d) Water

20: Building blocks of matter are:

  • a) Atoms 
  • b) Elements 
  • c) Compounds 
  • d) Molecules 

a) Atoms

Science General Knowledge Questions & Answers

21: Silicon is used in __________ preparation.

  • a) Rubber 
  • b) Tin 
  • c) Glass
  • d) Steel 

c) Glass

22: CH4 is the chemical formula of:

  • a) Methane Gas 
  • b) Carbon Monoxide
  • c) Carbon Dioxide
  • d) Fluorine

a) Methane Gas

23: The chemical formula of table salt is:
  • a) KCl
  • b) NaCl
  • c) NH3
  • d) SO2

b) NaCl

24: The ratio of Oxygen in air about___________ %.

  • a) 0.3
  • b) 4 
  • c) 21 
  • d) 76 

c) 21

25: Which of the following gas is used in electric bulbs?

  • a) Argon
  • b) Oxygen 
  • c) Carbon Dioxide 
  • d) Neon 

a) Argon

26: Carbon Dioxide is used in :

  • a) Soft Drinks
  • b) Salts 
  • c) Juices 
  • d) Yeast 

a) Soft Drinks

27: Phosphorus is used in the preparation of __________.

  • a) Pencils 
  • b) Matches 
  • c) Jewelry 
  • d) Fertilizer

b) Matches

28: The full form of LPG is:

  • a) Light Petroleum Gas 
  • b) Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • c) Liquid Petrochemical Gas
  • d) None of these 

b) Liquefied Petroleum Gas

29: The________ gas  is used in the refrigerators to cool the water. 

  • a) Helium
  • b) Ozone
  • c) Ammonia 
  • d) Chlorine

c) Ammonia

30: In car batteries which of the following acid is used?

  • a) Sulfuric Acid
  • b) Hydrochloric acid
  • c) Nitric acid
  • d) Phosphoric acid 

a) Sulfuric Acid


I hope all these solved Science General Knowledge MCQs with Answers will be helpful for your Science Online Test Preparation. If you need more General Science MCQs you can find them below. 

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