Topic Wise MCQs Of Physics for Online Test Preparation

If you are looking to find Topic Wise Mcqs Of Physics for Online Test Preparation. Below are the most important Physics MCQs solved with Answers. All these Topics Wise MCQs of Physics helpful for Physics Test Online Preparation. If are searching for Physics Test Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Lecturer, Entry Test, CAT Test, KPPSC Physics Test, PPSC Physics Test, FPSC Test, SST-Maths Physics Test, ETEA Test Physics MCQs, NTS Test Physics MCQs Solved, SS Physic test MCQs. All these Solved Physics MCQs will help you in these Physics Tests. 

Topic Wise MCQs Of Physics for Online Test Preparation

Latest Topic Wise MCQs Of Physics Online

We have covered the following topics for these Physics Multiple Choice Question Solved with Answers.

Newton Laws of Motion, Friction, Vectors, Torque, Equilibrium, Force, Gravitation, Power, Work and Energy, Heat, Convection, Conduction, Radiation, etc.

1: Newton described the laws of motion in his famous book:

  • a) Qanoon-Ul-Masoods
  • b) Principia Mathematica 
  • c) Kitab-Ul-Astralab
  • d) Al-Manazirs 

b) Principia Mathematica

2: If the mass of the body is doubled while keeping the force constant then acceleration will be:

  • a) One-half 
  • b) One-fourth 
  • c) Double 
  • d) One-third 

a) One-half

3: The unit of co-efficient of friction is:

  • a) Newton 
  • b) Kilogram 
  • c) Joule 
  • d) It has no unit


d) It has no unit

4: Torque is zero when angle between r and F is _________.

  • a) 0 
  • b) 45 
  • c) 90 
  • d) 180

a) 0

5: The uniform rotating fan having blade of length 0.5 m the torque will be:

  • a) 0.5 Nm 
  • b) 2 Nm 
  • c) -0.5 Nm
  • d) 0 Nm 

d) 0 Nm

Solved Multiple Choice Questions of Physics

6: Which of the following rule is used for the addition of vectores?

  • a) Left-hand rules 
  • b) Right-hand rules 
  • c) Head to tail rules 
  • d) None of these 

c) Head to tail rules

7: How many conditions are of equilibrium? 

  • a) 3 
  • b) 2 
  • c) 1 
  • d) 4 


8: When two forces are parallel in the same direction then these are called_________.

  • a) Same 
  • b) Unlike parallel 
  • c) Like Parallel 
  • d) All of these 

c) Like Parallel

9: The SI Unit of gravitational constant “G” is:

a) Nm²

b) NKg²

c) NmKg²

d) Nm²/Kg²

d) Nm²/Kg²

10: Work done per unit time is called__________.

  • a) Energy 
  • b) Power 
  • c) Work 
  • d) Speed 

b) Power

11: Water is a:

  • a) Good conductor 
  • b) Poor Conductor 
  • c) Super Conductor 
  • d) All of these 

b) Poor Conductor

12: Which of the following has the highest specific heat?

  • a) Ice 
  • b) Water 
  • c) Alcohol 
  • d) Mercury 

b) Water

13: In the following materials the best heat conductor is:

  • a) Copper 
  • b) Iron 
  • c) Glass 
  • d) Tin 

a) Copper

14: Ice is a:

  • a) Good Conductor 
  • b) Bad Conductor 
  • c) Super Conductor 
  • d) None of these 

b) Bad Conductor

Physics Questions and Answers Topic Wise

15: Land and Sea breezes are due to ______.

  • a) Convection 
  • b) Conduction 
  • c) Rediation 
  • d) All of them 

a) Convection

16: Heat from the sun reaches us by:

  • a) Conduction 
  • b) Convection 
  • c) Radiation 
  • d) None of these

c) Radiation

17: The values of “g” at poles is:

  • a) Same at the equator 
  • b) Larger than at the equator 
  • c) Smaller than at the equator 
  • d)None of the statement is true 

b) Larger than at the equator

18: KWh is unit for__________.

  • a) Power 
  • b) Efficiency
  • c) Energy 
  • d) Force 

c) Energy

19: Which of the following is the Unit of power?

  • a) Watt 
  • b) Coulomb 
  • c) Joule 
  • d) Newton 

a) Watt

20: Ionic state of matter is:

  • a) Liquid 
  • b) Plasma
  • c) Gas 
  • d) Solid 

b) Plasma

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