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In this section of Parts of Speech MCQs, you will find Verb MCQs with Answers for Online Test Preparation. All these MCQs on Verb are important for English Grammar Quiz and Test Preparation.

verb mcqs with answers

 All these Verb Multiple Choice Questions consist of basics of a verb, types of verb MCQs, English Tenses MCQs, Transitive and Intransitive verbs MCQs with Answers, Verb sentence completion MCQs, and General MCQs of Verbs.

If you want to prepare for your English Test, you need English Grammar MCQs. All these solved verb MCQ questions are helpful for your English Online Quiz preparation. 

Solved MCQs of Verb

1: He ran a long distance. The intransitive verb in the given sentence is:

  • a) ran 
  • b) a 
  • c) long 
  • d) distance 

a) ran

2: Verb is derived from the Latin word_________.

  • a) Verbun
  • b) Verbum 
  • c) Verbu 
  • d) Verby

b) Verbum

3: A verb tells us:

  • a) What a person or thing does.
  • b) The quantity of something 
  • c) Modify a noun 
  • d) The number or quality 

a) What a person or thing does.

4:The baby sleeps. In this sentence the word ‘sleep’ shows________.

  • a) Action 
  • b) State 
  • c) Being 
  • d) None of these 

b) State

5: Waheed helps Haris. Convert into passive voice.

  • a) Waheed helped Haris.
  • b) Haris is helped by Waheed.
  • c) Haris is helped Waheed.
  • d) Waheed did help Haris.

b) Haris is helped by Waheed.

6: Open your book on page 30. The underlined verb is said to be:

  • a) Indicative Mood
  • b) Imperative Mood
  • c) Subjective Mood
  • d) None of these 

b) Imerative Mood

7: I write this application to Deputy Director Livestock. The verb (write) refers to:

  • a) Present time 
  • b) Past time 
  • c) Futur time 
  • d) None of these 

a) Present time

8: The word tense comes from the Latin word ‘Tempus’ which means:

  • a) Rules 
  • b) Grammar 
  • c) Time 
  • d) Sentence 

c) Time

9: I have been watching. The given sentence belongs to:

  • a) Simple Present 
  • b) Present Continous 
  • c) Present Perfect 
  • d) Present Perfect Continuous 

d) Present Perfect Continuous

10: I wash. Convert into past perfect tense.

  • a) I wash.
  • b) I was washing 
  • c) I had washed.
  • d) I had been washing 

c) I had washed.

Verb Multiple Choice Questions

11: Ayesha ________ tea every morning.

  • a) drink
  • b) drinks 
  • c) drinking
  • d) drank

b) drinks

12: The players _______ playing basket ball.

  • a) is 
  • b) are 
  • c) have
  • d) had 

b) are

13: I am ______ to the supermarket tonight.

  • a) go 
  • b) gone 
  • c) going 
  • d) goes 

c) going

14: Mr. Ali ___________ been to United Arab Emirates.

  • a) has 
  • b) is 
  • c) are 
  • d) was 

a) has

15: The auxiliary ________ is used in the formation of the Perfect tense.

  • a) is 
  • b) are 
  • c) have 
  • d) shall 

c) have

16: I ______ whim across the river.

  • a) am 
  • b) can 
  • c) may 
  • d) have 

b) can

17: You _______ improve your English Grammar.

  • a) must
  • b) shall 
  • c) are 
  • d) had 

a) must

18: Do you need to ________ now?

  • a) goes 
  • b) go 
  • c) gone 
  • d) going 

b) go

19: I am loving.

What is the correct passive voice of the above sentence? 

  • a) I am loved.
  • b) I loved.
  • c) I will loved.
  • d) I was loved. 

a) I am loved.

20: He will work. Convert the given sentence to Simple Past Tense.

  • a) I am working.
  • b) I worked.
  • c) I was working.
  • d) I had worked. 

b) I worked.


I hope all these Verb MCQs with Answers will be helpful for your English Grammar Test Preparation. If you need more Parts of Speech MCQs. You can find them below.

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