World General Knowledge MCQs for Online Test Preparation

Given are the most important World General Knowledge MCQs Questions with Answers. All these General Knowledge MCQS are helpful in Competitive Exams like NTS, FPSC, PMS, ETA, and General Recruitment Tests. 

World General Knowledge MCQs

In this section, you can learn about world-famous countries with their capital names. These types of GK MCQs are also included in the recruitment tests of KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, and BPSC.  

World General Knowledge MCQs

1: The capital of Zimbabwe is:

  • a) Harare
  • b) Lusaka
  • c) Aiun 
  • d) Sanaa 

a) Harare

2: Which of the following is the capital of Turkmenistan?

  • a) Madrid
  • b) Ankara
  • c) Stokholm
  • d) Ashgabat 


3: The capital of Greece is ________.

  • a) Lusaka
  • b) Taipei
  • c) Athens
  • d) Ankara 

c) Athens

4: Which one from the following is the capital of Singapore?

  • a) Singapore
  • b) Daka
  • c) Doha
  • d) Manila 

a) Singapore

5: ________is the capital of Oman.

  • a) Doha
  • b) Muscat
  • c) Rabat
  • d) Kuwait


b) Muscat

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6: The capital of Kenya is _____.

  • a) Seoul
  • b) Tripoli
  • c) Bishkek
  • d) Nairobi 

d) Nairobi

7: _________is the capital of Japan.

  • a) Jakarta
  • b) Tokyo
  • c) Berlin 
  • d) Cairo 

b) Tokyo

8: The capital of Cuba is:

  • a) Prague
  • b) Copenhagen 
  • c) Santago
  • d) Havana  

d) Havana

9: The capital of Brazil is ______.

  • a) Sao Paulo 
  • b) Salvador 
  • c) Brasila 
  • d) Porto Alegre 

c) Brasila

10: Which of the following is the capital of Bhutan?

  • a) Brusell
  • b) Thimphu
  • c) Luka 
  • d) Sofia 

b) Thimphu

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