World Organization MCQs in English with Answers Solved

This is a complete list of World Organization MCQs in English with Answers Solved for NTS, KPPSC ETEA, ATS, CSS, PMS, and other Tests.

World Organizations MCQs for All Tests

If you are looking for the best MCQs of the World Organization for Online Test Preparation. All these General Knowledge MCQs will help you. Almost every competitive exam test includes a special part of the different world organizations, their headquarters, date of establishment, member countries, and current director-general, etc.

So in this complete World Organization MCQs list, you will find all these General Knowledge MCQs with Answers.

World Organization MCQs for Online Test Preparation

1: Who is the current Director-General of UNESCO?

  • a) Audrey Azoulay
  • b) Alison Evans
  • c) Irina Bokova
  • d) Federico Mayor Zaragoza

a) Audrey Azouly

2:The founder of the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) is:
a) Swede thomas Hammarberg
b) Dwight D. Eisenhower
c) Nogozi Okonjo Leweala
d) Thomas Rach

b) Dwight D. Eisenhower

3: The International Olympic Committee (OIC) was founded on:
a) 10 June 1870
b) 23 June 1894
c) 20 June 1940
d) 15 August 1990

b) 23 June 1894

4: The Headquarters of the International Committee of the Redcross is situated in:

  • a) France
  • b) the United States of America
  • c) United Kingdom 
  • d) Switzerland

d) Switzerland

5: Total member countries in SAARC are:
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

c) 8

6: Who is the current Director-General of G-20?
a) Mario Draghi
b) Lim Jock Hoi
c) Rafeal Grossi
d) Femando Arais

a) Mario Draghi

7: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation headquarter is in:
a) Jeddah
b) Islamabad
c) Abu Dhabi
d) Qatar

a) Jeddah

8: The Headquarters of UNICEF is:

a) New York 
b) Washington
c) California
d) Denmark

a) New York

9: International Labor Organization consist of ____________ countries. 
a) 147
b) 157
c) 178
d) 187

d) 187

10: NATO founded on:
a) 04 April 1949
b) 04 April 1959
c) 04 June 1980
d) 04 April 2001

a) 04 April 1949

11: Where is the headquarter of Asain Development Bank (ADB)?
a) New Dehli
b) Islamabad
c) Manila
d) Singapore

c) Manila

12: What is the motto of the Internation Cricket Council?
a) Cricket for All
b) Cricket for Good
c) Lets Play-Cricket
d) Cricket for Peace

b) Cricket for Good

13: WHO stands for:

a) Wide Health Organization
b) World Health Observation
c) World Health Organization
d) None of these

c) World Health Organization

14: European Union consist of __________ member countries.
a) 26
b) 27
c) 30
d) 45

b) 27

15: When did United Nations Organization come into being?
a) 10 October 1940
b) 5 November 1944
c) 24 October 1945
d) 5 December 1947

c) 24 October 1945

16: In World Trade Organization (WTO) total member countries are:
a) 100
b) 160
c) 162
d) 164

d) 164

17:Association of South East Nations (ASEN) have __________ member countries.
a) 05
b) 10
c) 15
d) 20


18: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarter is situated in:
a) Austria
b) Italy
c) France
d) United Kingdom

a) Austria

19: Total member countries in OIC are:
a) 50
b) 53
c) 55
d) 57

d) 57

20: Total member countreis in UNICEF are:
a) 110
b) 180
c) 190
d) 195

d) 195

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